Vancouver Lawyers Withdraw from Legal Aid Cases

Lawyers that provide Legal Aid representation to clients in Vancouver criminal courts have taken action to withdraw their services this month. Legal Aid lawyers will not be taking on any new cases until early August. Further job action will be taken beginning the first week of October and the plan is to withdraw all legal aid services at Vancouver Provincial Court for the first week of every month thereafter.

Marc Emery, "Prince of Pot", soon to be Free. What's next for Canada's Marijuana Laws?

"The Times, they are a Changin"..... It's quite a different political and cultural landscape since Marc Emery, the self stylized "Prince of Pot" was sentenced over four years ago in the United States for  distribution of drugs - marijuana seeds. Colorado and Washington are two U.S. states that have beat Canada to the punch by recently decriminilzing cannabis. Both states have set up regulatory schemes for the legal distribution and consumption of marijuana to persons over the age of 21. It remains to be seen how these new freedoms will work out.