Restorative Justice: An Alternative to Court

Restorative Justice (“RJ”), or what is also sometimes referred to as Transformative Justice, is a contrast to the traditional adversarial justice system. In the adversarial justice system an accused person is represented by a criminal defence lawyer, the public (or the state or the Crown) is represented by a government prosecutor known as Crown Counsel, and those two lawyers are pitted against each other in the court system. The court system is ruled by judges.

Taking a Look at Cycling Laws

Sadly, a 71 year old pedestrian has died after being struck by a cyclist in Stanley Park on October 3 near the totem poles at Brockton Point.
Apparently the man was crossing the roadway when a 57 year old rider collided with him. Reportedly, the cyclist remained at the scene and cooperated fully with police. The pedestrian suffered a fatal head injury when his head hit the pavement.

Be Nice to Your Dog or Cat! - Animal Cruelty Allegations could lead to Search Warrant

Two recent cases that have hit the media shine light on the BC SPCA’s newer powers regarding search warrants in relation to animals in distress (stories attached). In one case the owner of a dog who had ingested drugs and been taken to the veterinarian was reported to the SPCA. In the other case the owner of a dog who had abused his dog while being filmed by a security camera in an elevator was reported. In both instances BC SPCA officers attended at private residences, armed with search warrants, made entry and seized the animals.

Mines Client Sentenced to 20 Weekends for Internet Extortion

Despite Crown Counsel's  remarks that the case was "an Amanda Todd Situation", we were able to convince a  North Vancouver Provincial Court Judge that our client should not be sentenced to the nine month period of incarceration sought by the Crown. Emphasising the need for denunciation, but tempering his sentence because he accepted that our client was a truly remorseful youthful man with no prior record, Judge Merrick placed our client on probation and ordered that he serve 20 consecutive weekends in custody.

"Mr. Big" Sting rules made stricter by Supreme Court of Canada

Nelson Hart, a Newfoundland man accused of murdering his twin 3 year old daughters, has been granted a new trial after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the police improperly obtained his confession through a controversial police technique known as a "Mr. Big" sting operation. In this type of investigation, undercover police officers will befriend the suspect and recruit him into a ficticious crime group and then encourage him to commit illegal acts to gain the group's trust.

Vancouver Lawyers Withdraw from Legal Aid Cases

Lawyers that provide Legal Aid representation to clients in Vancouver criminal courts have taken action to withdraw their services this month. Legal Aid lawyers will not be taking on any new cases until early August. Further job action will be taken beginning the first week of October and the plan is to withdraw all legal aid services at Vancouver Provincial Court for the first week of every month thereafter.